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                  Thème : La guérison miracle  
                  Orateur : T.L. Osborn          
                  Lieu : Esplanade St Louis Paris - Vincennes

                  Dans Son palais tout s'écrie :Gloire ! Psaume 29:9.

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                  Message and comment

                  Parole Marvel - Congo brazzaville, le dimanche 08 juillet 2012
                  Tl osborn. I thank GOD for your teachings.Your teachings helped me to understand GOD'S WORD and encouraged me to win souls for Our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.
                  May GOD bless you once more.I just want to remind you that when you were teaching us GOD'S WORD here in Brazzaville(Congo)in 2002(january),you told us that:"Don't moque me because I don't speak french well.When you will come to Usa,I will be the one who will teach you english." Tl,that prophethy was mine... I have faith that the LORD JESUS will help me to come to your place and meet you there.I will be happy to see you again.I am sure that Very soon I will meet again because Our LORD JESUS provided in all our needs when HE died on the cross... I love you Tl Osborn. I will be happy to read you very soon.

        Docteur Osborn